Essay Paragraph Plan

How Studio Ghibli Makes A Hero A Shadow Introduction: Princess Mononoke (1997) directed by Hayao Miyazaki Lady Eboshi outline Process & Style: Traditional 2d cel animation with 20 mins of computer assisted animation First Ghibli film to incorporate digital colour Realistic Attributes – Grounded in reality Reflects complexity of characters Micro Context: Eboshi Historic Context: […]

Before Cameron’s Avatar: Princess Mononoke

. Once there, Ashitaka encounters Lady Eboshi, a strong leader dedicated to protecting her people from neighbouring hostile forest spirits and warlords with the use of iron guns, a new and deadly technology. Lady Eboshi confesses that it was her guns that drove the boar-god to madness. She is sorry for the suffering she has […]

It’s not bad people that are destroying forests

Hard-working people have been doing it… …After all, this film is just reenacting what humans have done historically. After Shishi Gami’s head was returned, nature regenerated. But it has become a tame, non-frightening forest of the kind that we are accustomed to seeing. The Japanese have been remaking the Japanese landscape in this way.

Miyazaki on Lady Eboshi

While doing some research on Princess Mononoke, I came across an interview with Hayo Miyazaki about the film and his thoughts on some of the characters, including Lady Eboshi. The interview has been translated on a Studio Ghibli fan site here: In the interview, he talks about Eboshi’s back story. “I thought up a story […]

Princess Mononoke: Post Viewing Analysis

The overriding theme I got from watching Princess Mononoke today was the blurred lines between good and evil and not just through the character of Lady Eboshi; A good portion of the cast have dubious morals; The wolves and their vicious blood lust for the humans, Jiko and his manipulative endeavour for the head of the forest […]