Character Research: Week 5

Movement is crucial to making us believe something is alive.

Movement should tell you a lot about a character, so what can I tell about Lady Eboshi by thew way she moves?

  • The first scene we meet her, she is standing upright, relatively still amongst a lot of chaos, overseeing her people.
  • She holds her ground, unflinching as a giant wolf mauls its way through her men towards her, timing a shot perfectly to fire at point-blank. Her movements are calculated and sure.
  • This contrasted with her men fleeing and being dragged by spooked cattle.

She is fearless, determined and decisive.

  • Her next appearance is brief and again, her movements are sparing.
  • She stands elevated above the characters she’s speaking to.
  • She never turns her body, only her head to face them. She raises her chin and turns her head away before swiftly walking off. Ashitaka is left in awe.

This reminds me of the scene we first see the Forest Spirit. The spirit walks across the frame in between some trees before pausing to turn its head to face Ashitaka before promptly walking off. There is the same sense of power with each of these characters.

She’s someone who doesn’t need to move a whole lot to tell who she is. Her lack of movement and body language tell us all we need to know.

Her facial expression is interesting as she seems to have a petetual scheming smirk on her face, be it in polite conversation, in a fight for her life or just after having her arm bitten off. This constant subtle grin gives the viewer the impression that she’s one step ahead of the game – which is more or less where she is more or less over the span of the entire film.



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