Week 3 Summary

The workshops this week focused on walk cycles and character design, both of which I enjoyed throughly. The walk cycle session put the pressure on stepping up the complexity of the hand drawing on a much larger frame count than the other sessions. It put my ability to draw consistently to the test more than normal, that being something that I struggle with sometimes, but all went fairly well. The walk looked fine, but if you looked closely, you could see the claves shrink as they left the floor. Next time I’ll have to keep an eye on the limbs and make sure they maintain their size.

I was pleased with the outcome of character design and feel I’ve made something I quite like and want to progress with. The character is distinctive and amusing with their enormous nose. I’m not entirely sure about the religious iconography because I don’t want to upset anyone, but I like him being in a spiritual leadership role. It fits his his ‘holier than thou’ look and attitude with the turned up nose and head rocked back. I still like the idea of the character being a witch, but I want to see how they would look as a polititian – that’s another good possible role.

Life drawing this week was an improvement for me, I enjoyed the focus on tone. One task was to use chalk on black paper and mark only the higlights of light on the model without any outline. This isn’t something I had tried before, but I was supprised and pleased with the result. Its amazing how much can be infered by so little drawing. However, I do need to start speeding up with the 2 mins and less drawings, I found myself with a few unfinished sketches.

As for character research, I chose the character Lady Eboshi from studio Ghibli’s ‘Princess Mononoke’. She’s always been a character that’s stuck in my mind since I first watched it when I was small. I never knew where I stood with her when I was younger, she is a great example of blurring the lines between black and white, good and bad. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn about her.


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