Planning The Edit

Because we’re all working from the same base background of the 3D render, I’m going to create a master After Effects project that I will split into 5 compositions for each animator. This way, I can set up the 3D camera and sync the audio for everyone. Hopefully, this will also makeĀ  combining the projects easier when it comes to the edit.

For some parts of the project, assets will need to overlap from section to section. I think it’s worth saying now that I will manage the combining of the projects whether that means stitching them together in post or combining them before the final render.

Today I will show the group how to combine assets and with the render from maya to create the fake 3D effect so we can begin working properly.



Bestiary Week 8

I really churned it out this week and I think I’ve pretty well finished all the animation for this project. At the start of the week, I lost a days worth of animation to a computer crash in ML3 so I vowed to lock myself in my room at home and stayed there for the next 3 days until I’d finished colouring for all 3 clips. Friday I came back to uni to composite and get Jon’s feedback. He didn’t have/wouldn’t give any criticism so I’m calling it finished.

Next week will see me round off the project and submit to the system.


Shot 1 Colour


Here’s Shot 1 in colour. Coming back to it after animating both of the others, I have to say this is the poorest in terms of animation. I had to do a lot of cleaning up during the colouring process. I do like the traffic in the background though, so maybe I’ll come to like it better after compositing.

Shot 3 Rough

Shot 3.gifNot gonna lie, I’m pretty astonished that I’ve managed to bash this out in about 3 hours. I was reviewing the footage I got at the weekend and decided that I didn’t really like it so I went and shot this clip by the back doorstep, uploaded it to my PC and animated the roughs. I’m especially pleased with the little jump at the end. It’s subtle but I really like it.

Old shot 3 was poorly framed and during actually shooting it, I decided that it wasn’t actually that good an idea.


It was supposed to be about the baby hogs but seeing the two little pots so static and not having the equipment to change that, I decided to cut the baby hogs entirely and do something new that I could shoot quickly and that would make use of the fact I’m actually filming my performance. So I drew this storyboard and shot it.