Final Website


Here’s my final website. I recently collected a few drawings from my sketchbook so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to include some underneath the videos. I hope they demonstrate my limited but consistent ability.

Underneath my best work I’ve included links to separate pages that have the development reel and a blurb to read about them. Here’s the page for Hermit Hogs.

Website V3 Hogs

This final website I feel shows off my work quite well ans should hopefully sell my talents.


Animation Instagram

In preparation for culmination of my cross course collaboration project, I have created myself a dedicated instagram account for my art and animation. I realised I needed this when I was asked to give them my instagram handle for their business cards.


I have now linked this on my website. A problem I need to address is to make sure my videos have thumbnails by adding a single frame to the start of my videos, because those black squares look dreadful.



Website V2

Website V2.png

Here’s version two. I’ve added a little characterful illustration up top and included my specialisation. I’ve re-jiggled my work so it’s bigger and takes up a little more space.


Website About V2

Here’s the new about that sells myself a little more with an added paragraph. I’ve also added the logos of the softwares I’m proficient in.

Website Contact V2

Contact now has links to my two big social medias, instagram and YouTube.

Website v1

Website v1

Here’s the first version of my website. I’ve put my showreel as the header piece and a selection of my finest work in rows below.

Website About V1

My about page has a short goofy bio inspired by one I saw in my research. I feel that particular person may have earned the right to write something so goofy with his exceptional portfolio but I’m doing it anyway.Website Contact V1

I’ve seen this done on the contact page more than once, even on my cousin’s website. I think it’s simple and effective but we’ll see about that.

I really like the minimalist approach I’ve taken with this but I feel I need to beef it up a bit with some more detail about me.

Showreel V1 & Moth Internship

Here’s my first run at a showreel. I quickly put this together so I could send it off to The Moth Collective in hope of securing their summer internship. I crafted this showreel with that in mind, putting my strongest character animation first as it was a key thing they listed in their post.

Moth Collective Internship.JPG

Here’s the email exchange so far:

Moth Collective Internship Email 1

Moth Collective Internship Email 2



Fin’s Favourite Websites

Animade Studio

I’m quite a fan of Animade’s website. Despite it being for a studio rather than a personal portfolio, the structure and the way they display the work appeals to me a great deal.

Animade 2

Animade 3

Their homepage shows a blured, abstracted version of their showreel, dominating the screen with a small bit of text and a button encouraging you to browse their work. The other half of the homepage, once you scroll down, gives you an overview of the company and boasts a range of big-fish clients they’ve worked with in the past. After you’ve read that, there’s a red button begging you to reach out to them and commission a project.

Animade 1

Their work page shows six different videos of varied styles, disciplines and purposes, showing the full breadth of their capability as a studio. But this is just the surface of it. Along the top of the page you can select different tabs that will show you six more examples of specific work from five different areas. Again they have a button inviting you to get in touch.

A feature I particularly like is that the video thumbnails play as you hover over them. Once you click on them, you’re taken to another page where the video is playable in a large format and you can read in depth about the creative process of the project and browse the storyboards.

The rest of the site is easily navigated by a small menu bar at the top right. There’s an about page listing photos of the team and a short description of their mission and values. The notes page is more or less a blog of what they’re currently working on. Then there’s the contact page listing an email, address and phone number as well as a giant google maps plug-in showing the location of the studio.

Animade have made themselves very approachable, giving site visitors many opportunities to get in touch and displayed their work in a very clear and navigable way. It’s a very strong site that leaves you with a very good impression.


Ben Ommundson

This is a very strong portfolio of work presented very simply. The site is headed with a cute looping animation of a duck with a box full of stuff running. His name is fairly modestly written in bold at the top above three page links, work, about and contact.

Ben Ommundson 1

On the work page, each project is equally presented in a square and arranged 3 in a row all the way down the page. When you click on the squares, you’re taken to a page with the vimeo player embedded and a short description. Perhaps there is too little information about some if it in comparison to Animade, but I suppose it’s enough.

The about page features a large photo of Ben in a Tuxedo smoking by a sign for the Fjord Bar. There’s a modest two paragraphs summing up his personality and his hopes for employment. It tells us more about his personality than his skills. I think this may be because he’s well established in the industry and doesn’t need to prove himself.

The contact page features one line of text and nothing else – the address to his personal email. Need he say anymore?

I’m a fan of this simplicity of the site, but I feel the website of a graduate would leave less to be inferred and make it far more obvious what their skills are. He does not appear to have a showreel on this site.


Jennifer Zheng

This particular site is different to the the others I’ve looked at because the homepage is just the showreel and a two sentence bio.

Jennifer Zheng 1

Her work page is very limited, only showing 4 pieces at a time. To me it feels a bit empty, but these are ‘Selected Works’. Again, you can open up a page for each of them with more of a description.

Jennifer Zheng 2

What’s interesting is she has included a drawings section where you can, somewhat confusingly, look around at her drawings. I think it might have been better to just have them all laid out on one page rather than navigate through pages of it.

Old Showreels

Here’s a showreel I edited when applying for the course in the first place. I’m glad to say I have a shed load more appropriate work to use for my new one. There’s a little bit of shoddy editing in there but it’s not a bad piece of work.


Here’s my showreel from last year. Again, this is pretty limited but I guess I’m always developing. This is a very mixed bag of disciplines, I hope to narrow down my new one to more 2D stuff.

What I like about both of these is they’re both very concise, clocking in at under a minute. I aim for my new one to do the same. I could easily fill it up more, I just I’d rather have a short, snappy clip of the really decent stuff than drag it out to see all the other crap.