Dam It

Darren and Donna’s Final Update

Today I finished the final edit with grading and all. Here’s a side by side comparison.

The original on the left seems blocky while the new version on the right is held together better by the pink hue that I added with a pink solid in vivid light mode. With an adjustment layer, I have added a subtle film grain effect that adds a bit of texture that feels missing throughout some of the film. It also slightly disguises a couple of dodgy masks.

Editing all our clips together turned out to be a pretty lengthy process. A part of the strife came from editing together mine and Liam’s clips. I had decided to include a nice glass effect in the window shot of my section.


This meant Liam had to include it in his window section but I told him I could edit that for him if he gave me his project. It shouldn’t have taken a moment but the effect looked very bad in his shots because the masking was so loose. I spent a long time re-adjusting them in order for our shots to match.

Darren and Donna - Feature Still.jpg

Other little discrepancies appeared such as off frames in some of the camera cuts. Some of those I think were a result of keyframes from the 3D camera being 2 frames apart instead of one. These were sliced out without making any effect to the camera movement.

But overall, our work finally put together looks nice. Good job, team.

Final Website


Here’s my final website. I recently collected a few drawings from my sketchbook so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to include some underneath the videos. I hope they demonstrate my limited but consistent ability.

Underneath my best work I’ve included links to separate pages that have the development reel and a blurb to read about them. Here’s the page for Hermit Hogs.

Website V3 Hogs

This final website I feel shows off my work quite well ans should hopefully sell my talents.

Doing The Subtitles

While I wait for all the animation to be done, I’ve taken the audio clip into Premier and created the subtitles for the final social media version.


I used the open captions tool which is made for this task. I thought it worked brilliantly, once I got my head around it. Setting the in and out points for each section of text can be edited on the timeline, which is far easier than the timecode feature on the side there.

Update 4th May

This is the render of my section so far. The depth mapping has made compositing so much easier. The assets I created this week look great now they’re all in position and animated. I’ve now added a background that manages to hide the base of the tower which was accidentally rendered out. The bottom half of the background picture matches the colour of it and effectively hides it.

Unfortunately, some of the group are not as far ahead as I am at the moment. I set aside this afternoon to helping everyone out with the depth mapping and helping them set up their projects.

Animation Instagram

In preparation for culmination of my cross course collaboration project, I have created myself a dedicated instagram account for my art and animation. I realised I needed this when I was asked to give them my instagram handle for their business cards.



I have now linked this on my website. A problem I need to address is to make sure my videos have thumbnails by adding a single frame to the start of my videos, because those black squares look dreadful.