Workshop: Facial Expressions

This workshop looked at first hand observation of facial expressions as well as transitioning between them. This was in preparation of my self-portrait animation exercise.

These are two sketches from the workshop that I’m most likely to follow up on. The first isn’t a self portrait but was supposed to demonstrate amusement to hysteria and anger to fear. When I was given the idea for the first one, I had Picolo from Porco Rosso flash through my mind, so I quickly sketched this Miyazaki-esqe character. I’d really quite like to animate this one at some point. I see it as he’s waiting for someone to do something stupid before slamming his hand on the table and burst into laughter. He’d move his head slowly forward in anticipation for the big moment then dip his head down before leaning right back to laugh. The line of action would go from a tight hunch to flicked right back.

My self portrait on the right is a transition from being zoned out to very sudenly aware as if being caught out for day dreaming in english class at school and being picked on for a question (something im familiar with). I drew this when I noticed my face wrinkle as I leaned on my hand. Going from that hunched position again with the face squashed against the hand to the bolt up right with a dropped jaw I thought was interesting. There would be a nice twist as well as it goes from looking out the window to dead ahead.


Week 1 Summary

After Mondays workshop introducing us to this new project I have started drawing more frequently and from primary observation, keeping in mind line of action to keep my work fluid. To be able to make my animated work better I first need to get my ability to draw people in motion up to scratch.

The workshop looking at the sack of flour was a great opportunity to remind us what the 12 principles are all about and how they can be applied to our work. It was also interesting to see how emoted something so basic can be by using line of action. I struggled to translate the poses of people I had sketched before the workshop to the sack but intend to work on this in future sessions and in my own time.

Sack 2


Here I’ve made the sack of flour jump forwards. At the end I attempted to move the camera backwards to make it look like he’s infinitely moving towards us but it just looks like he’s shrinking. I need to make that more obvious if it’s goiung to work in the future and maybe make the camera move constantly backwards.


Tidy Version


Initial Sketch


Here’s the warm up exercise we did in todays workshop. I triangle slides down the hill towards us and then stops. I added it being sucked up out of the top of the frame. It was supposed to have more of a gummy texture for which I should have had a little more resistance against being tugged off the floor with a nice elastic release but the end result is satisfiying none the less.