Update 27th April

Unfortunately, with the struggle of getting our new render-man background to work, we submitted a fairly shoddy update.

What we did manage to convey is how the updated building and 3D camera are begining to shape up. I managed to put the assets I have so far into the clip I submitted but didn’t have any time to mask them to appear behind the windows.

In the next few days, I need to create the rest of my assets, namely the washing line, woman and towers in the background. Hopefully I’ll have these ready for the new background render after the weekend.


3D Camera Update

With Jon’s feedback today, Emily and I realise that we need to add more movement to the 3D camera. There are too many still shots which totally neglect the fact that we’re using 3D space. In every appropriate place, Emily and I will add a little bit of gliding to still shots to create a bit more depth in the piece.

Website V2

Website V2.png

Here’s version two. I’ve added a little characterful illustration up top and included my specialisation. I’ve re-jiggled my work so it’s bigger and takes up a little more space.


Website About V2

Here’s the new about that sells myself a little more with an added paragraph. I’ve also added the logos of the softwares I’m proficient in.

Website Contact V2

Contact now has links to my two big social medias, instagram and YouTube.

Standard Edit

Uniform Project.PNG

Today I created a base project for the entire group to work from. It has the 3D camera and Maya render ready-synced up with the audio. I’ve also left a placeholder asset as a locator in each person’s project so putting their assets into 3D space isn’t too much hassle, like it can be finding the first time.

Website v1

Website v1

Here’s the first version of my website. I’ve put my showreel as the header piece and a selection of my finest work in rows below.

Website About V1

My about page has a short goofy bio inspired by one I saw in my research. I feel that particular person may have earned the right to write something so goofy with his exceptional portfolio but I’m doing it anyway.Website Contact V1

I’ve seen this done on the contact page more than once, even on my cousin’s website. I think it’s simple and effective but we’ll see about that.

I really like the minimalist approach I’ve taken with this but I feel I need to beef it up a bit with some more detail about me.

Planning The Edit

Because we’re all working from the same base background of the 3D render, I’m going to create a master After Effects project that I will split into 5 compositions for each animator. This way, I can set up the 3D camera and sync the audio for everyone. Hopefully, this will also make  combining the projects easier when it comes to the edit.

For some parts of the project, assets will need to overlap from section to section. I think it’s worth saying now that I will manage the combining of the projects whether that means stitching them together in post or combining them before the final render.

Today I will show the group how to combine assets and with the render from maya to create the fake 3D effect so we can begin working properly.


Ruth’s Standard


A couple of days ago, I asked Ruth, being the best illustrator in the group, to produce a style sheet. I asked for her to make something achievable for everyone in the group. Her feeling on this was that everyone should be able to use their own style but she agreed to do it anyway.

This is what she produced and I aim to keep to this pretty rigidly.

3D Camera

Yesterday and today I sat down with Emily and a copy of everyone’s animatics to create the 3D camera that would observe the tower. We analysed each person’s animatic to create the most accurate replication of the camera movement they had tried to convey. I directed Emily in composing each of the shots while she handled the software.

Something I considered when going into the task was to not move the camera in a way that would make it overly obvious our assets are totally flat. An example of how I avoided this is having the camera track directly backwards away from Ruth’s shot on the balcony.

Our first attempt we think is pretty successful but we will see what Jon has to say in our next session.