Beaver Animatic 3

I’m seeing beavers when I close my eyes.

This is my improved version of the animatic, ready for Friday, unless I decide to change anything in the week.

Not sure about how I’ve done the osprey catching a fish, might be a bit too ominous? Not quite what I want.

The new evil beaver design works nicely I think, helps contrast between beaver reality and beaver fever dreams.

I really like my new version of the reverse shot after the fever dream. I think the butterfly adds to the tenderness of the beavers. I animated this new version of the shot on a whim, making it up as I went along but I think I’ll keep it.



Back in September, when we were given a vague brief for the collaboration project, I had an idea about a short film dedicated to Norwich and the memories I’ve collected being here in the last couple of years. All of us have been here, so I thought it would make a good collaboration. Then I watched this short on Cartoon Brew.

I thought this was a rather touching little film about a time and a place and drew some inspiration for how my own little Norwich tribute could come together.

I have a couple people in the class who are interested in getting involved and I’m considering reaching out to Illustration to see if anyone there would like to get involved.


Google Spotlight Stories: Pearl

Just tried out this particular VR story and it made me cry very unexpectedly, so it was obviously doing something right. I’m sure if it was a short film, I would not have had the same reaction. A question I shortly answered by finding the theatrical version on YouTube. Huh.

It’s the tale of a single father raising his daughter whilst living from his car.┬áThe film uses the model of the car and a music track to keep the visitor grounded and oriented through the timescale of about 25 years. We cut from one touching moment to another, the visitor always sat looking sideways from the passenger seat.

It’s definitely pretty intimate being sat in the car with these characters as they grow up and grow old in the timescale of about 6 mins.



Beavers in the Media

Yesterday, I got a notification on my phone about a beaver related story running on BBC news. Quite pleasingly, it’s a very relevant story a report published on the effects of the reintroduced beavers in Scotland.


The points I’m trying to make in my film are well covered here. There’s very few beaver positive stories in the mainstream media, quite often stories covering reintroduction look like this:

Capture 2.JPG

Funny they use a picture from the same shoot.



Beaver Animatic V2

Here’s an improved version of last week’s beaver animatic. I’ve upped the pacing and the madness and made it more of a beaver-fever dream. I think it works a lot better than the last one.

If I’m gonna improve it any more, I will probably begin to do rough animation for the animatic in TVPaint. I might redesign the beavers in the devastation sequence to all be wide eyed destruction machines to add to the contrast between the devastation and the reality.

Beaver Tester


Yesterday, I attempted to start a new storyboard/animatic but ended up creating this test animation. If I carry on drawing beavers like I currently do, this is what my animation style will look like. I’m getting flash backs to sacks of flour here.