What’s up with your Research Report, Fin?

Good question. Back in May, I really didn’t have a clue what I was thinking and decided to take up a research report topic that relates to absolutely nothing to what I’m doing in the studio and that hasn’t bothered me until now.

My intended focus on how storytelling will evolve to fit the idea of the ‘visitor’s presence’ in a scene still interests me very much but ultimately, what I have to say doesn’t interest me at all if I haven’t made a VR product myself, like I planned to over summer. My conclusion on VR for now is until we’ve got something better than strapping a screen to our faces, we’re not really going anywhere. I’m praying that soon enough, we’ll be looking back at headsets like ‘Real 3D’ glasses.

So what on earth are you gonna do now, Fin?

I’ve found that most of my ideas for the Personal Showcase project have revolved around a non-fiction or informative theme rather than any character or narrative drive. For a while I thought I really needed to give this up because and come up with a real story because ‘that’s not what animation is about’. But that’s not true.


Personal Showcase

tumblr_pfm3fq2ztu1x8o85fo1_1280.pngMy three ideas for the project:

House Martins


  • Briefly take the audience through the year in the life of these somewhat overlooked creatures that live so intimately alongside us.
  • Remind people to look up and see what interesting things the creatures that live among us are up to.

Beaver DevistationScratching.gif

  • Briefly address the conflict between the Scottish Wild Beaver Group and those against reintroduction by showing how beavers take care of the land they dwell on.
  • Make some really dope ass, characterful animation.

Bumble Bees


  • Look at how the 98% reduction in hay meadows in England since the second world war has affected Bumblebees.
  • Spoilers: It means several species of bumblebee have died. Thanks, Hitler.