Tronald Draft 2

Here’s Tronald doing his full performance. I’ve addressed yesterday’s feedback and I’m quite pleased with how it all works. The timing is all correct. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth the time to go back over everything in the graph editor and smooth things over because I’ve got such a big comp with so many nuanced movements. I think it could get messy. Perhaps I should just smooth over the drinking part?

My next task is to add a second character. I originally had the idea for a little Mike Pence devil on his shoulder but now I’m thinking of having Putin hiding in the wings having a good ol’ chuckle at his puppet show.


Tronald Comes To Life

Here’s Tronald waving his arms about and pointing his finger. I’m fairly pleased with how the lip sync works but I can’t help but wish it looked a bit more fluid. I’m considering animating a little mouth in TVPaint afterwards instead.

As for the whole body’s performance I can’t see anything that can’t be fixed in the graph editor. I’d like to add in a little puppet intro to the sequence and I’m still considering doing a little swig of water based on the legendary clip.

Jon’s advice to me is to make more use of the puppet gag and maybe change the fingers to little missile shapes, in which case I’m definitely going to fire one off his hand. He also said that perhaps he’s a little too handsome, which is definitely something I’m going to address.

Shot 2 WIP

Shot 2.gif

Here’s a little work in progress clip of shot 2. I’m half way through working out the legs. I’ve drawn all of the legs in for some of it even though they’ll be masked out in the end just so I had a better idea of how to draw them and where the foot placement would be. I’m about half way through the roughs at this point.

Hermit Hogs Shoot 2

Yesterday I shot the next sequence for my Hermit Hogs. I’m very thankful to the drunk students/traffic wardens that lived in the house before me that left these traffic cones presumably to be used as goal posts if I ever wanted a kick about. They probably didn’t foresee how useful they’d be to me for Hermit Hog set dressing.


The first shot I took was unplanned. I thought it might be a good one for the demo reel to experiment with depth of field and matching my animation to the video through compositing.


The second clip I shot is what I’ll use for the second sequence. This will be the one where it’s rummaging around for food. When I came to shoot it, I found the Hogmobile was unable to traverse the uneven ground of the compost heap with the flower pot on top so I tore a plank out of the broken fence and laid it down as a track for the car. Then I used some leaves in the foreground to hide it. I made sure these were in focus and had a clear outline so when it came to masking my animation I’d have an easier job.

Bestiary Week 6

This week saw me get my first roughs down for the first shot. It was drawn very intuitively. I’ve found because of the nature of my project and how I animate over the footage, I’m bypassing both the animatic and tie down stage. Before I go to shoot, I know what I want the hog to get up to. Filming the remote controlled car becomes the animatic stage. Then, when it comes to animating on top of it, half the performance is already done so there’s no point in keyframes. Footsteps have to be found as you animate so straight ahead animation is my only option.

Shooting my next sequence went well and I have already begun animation on it. It differs from the storyboard but it’s still the same idea. Actually having to find a location to film the idea means I can’t be too faithful. I am pretty pleased I managed to fit in the traffic cone though. Next week I’m going to give priority to lip sync and bible work and leave the animating for later.

Sequence 1 Rough


Here’s a hog in action and in habitat.I had some issues keeping the head consistent but I’ve managed to iron out the worst of it, but it’s still a bit of a problem. The cars in the background look a dodge in doubles, perhaps I can do something in after effects to soften them?

I realise I’m going to have to do a lot of work adding the shadow of the hog in this particular shot. Lighting in general is gonna be pretty heavy but fairly simple given the angle.

Bestiary Week 5

This week saw me work on more concept art and a little more but not enough with the Bible. I did however get down and dirty filming part of the first sequence to my Hermit Hogs in the middle of a dual carriageway. I hope to have a strong rough of that completed in the next week with at least another sequence shot.

Hermit Hogs Shoot 1

FIlming Hermit Hogs

My first shoot for the Hermit Hogs attracted some attention from the highways agency and the police but we tried to ignore them and carry on anyway. I chose this particular location because I thought it would be very quiet because this stretch of road doesn’t actually go anywhere yet since the Northern Distribution road isn’t finished but there was a little traffic on it so I had to be a tad careful driving the Hog Mobile.

FIlming Hermit Hogs Loc.PNG

It may have been sunny today but it just so happened it was very windy as well, so the Hog Mobile kept falling over in the middle of takes. I managed to get a few usable clips but I still think I’d like to go back at a quieter time perhaps in better lit conditions.


Fortunately, on the way home I spotted some ducks so I got some footage with those. I might do some practice with these shots.






Modern Cartoon Lip Sync

Looking further afield at lip sync in current animation, I’m really surprised how few mouth shapes appear to be used. One thing I picked up on in Gumball is that the mouth shapes aren’t entirely solid. Sometimes, they’ll be inbetweened or have their shape paths animated (if they make the mouths in after effects. This is something I would be able to achieve when I come to animating my mouth shapes in after effects.