Beastly Script

Here’s my original take on the script with the timings. Hopefully this will help us work it into something new.

Once upon a time in a rural land there lived a poor merchant and his beautiful daughter, Belle. The merchant in his affection for her strived to spoil Belle, but being a clever young lady of simple taste only asked that her father bring her a rose each time he returned from his travels.
Caught in a terrible storm, the merchant sought shelter in a palace in the forest. He spent the night quite comfortably yet saw hide nor hair of his patrons. The next morning as he left through the gardens, the merchant went to pluck a rose for his daughter.
All of a sudden, a terrible beast made himself known as the master of the palace and voiced his disgust that the merchant be so ungrateful of his kindness. Before the beast could slay him, the merchant made it know he had only plucked the rose for his daughter. The beast decided to spare his life and instead take Belle as his prisoner. Quite happy to give herself up for the sake of her father, Belle went to live in the palace with the beast, leaving her father quite distraught.


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