Motion Graphics Research

The title sequence from Narcos, although primarily an accumulation of stock footage, is one of my favorite examples of motion graphics. Not only is it a very effective title sequence in terms of setting the tone of the show, but it’s visually staggering and very cleverly assembled.

I love the effect of moving photographs they use throughout the sequence with layers of text and grading. The motion tracked grid over the city is fantastic with animated inelegance notes overlayed.  One of the most impressive shots, the gate of Escobar’s estate, was created from a photograph. They sliced it up, made a set in After Effects and made a 3D camera in C4D to create the final clip.

Art Of The Title


This illustrated example uses a style that is quite achievable for the given project. It’s good in this instance because it’s a sequence that actually attempts to tell a story rather than just throw a lot of imagery at you. The transitions from image to image are imaginative and the limited use of 3D demonstrates the techniques that are available to us in this project (probably because this too was animated in AE).

The coffee stained paper textures give it a brilliant warmth and the use of shadows creates bold contrast. It’s a small but very effective palette that doesn’t seem very limited at first glance.

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