This is my initial animatic from today’s session. At the time I was quite happy with it but I can now see it’s very flawed. Although I had managed to get all the shots outlined in the brief, shots 1 and 2 are more or less the same and very flat.

Not only are my compositions here boring but they don’t aid what I’m trying to say about the characters. Initially I thought that shot 2 worked because it made the wand look menacing, cornering the hat in the bottom left of the screen, giving him reason to not want to participate in the wand’s trick.

At this point I was also trying to stick to the breif as best I could and not go a frame over the 10 second limit but those restraints have been loosened, I can fit in a little more exposition that was missing from this attempt

Animatic 1.gif

This second version, I adjusted the composition in shot one to reduce negative space but clearly not enough. I also changed shot 3 to be ‘More interesting’ by panning to show the hat leaving the stage, but it didn’t really help the gag. I missed the idea of watching him from the seats behind in silhouette.

Animatic 2.gif

In this version, things make a bit more sense. It’s obvious that the hat is a volunteer from the audience in the wand’s show. You get a sense of enthusiasm from the hat and a bit of showmanship from the wand. Their characteristics are readable. I also added the audience in so it doesn’t look like the wand is watching like a

I changed shot 2 to be a little more intimate with the hat. I realised that the hat is the character we actually relate to the most so it’s more appropriate to share the experience from his angle. It’s still not entirely clear that the hat is upset about the wand taking the feather so I may have to work out a way to make him a little more stroppy. Hopefully the audio will make that clearer, cutting the magical music when the hat jumps up.

The final shot is just as I wanted it, with the wand in shot ready to bow as the trick is finally completed after the rude interruption. The bow certainly needs some work as it just looks like he’s hanging his head.

Animatic 3.gif



A Feather In His Cap

My premise for the inanimate objects brief is to use the hat and the wand with the added object of the feather using 2D. I originally wanted to add the feather to the hat as a device that let the viewer know where the hat was looking. Now I’m thinking of the phrase ‘A feather in his cap’ and thinking maybe it’d be good to use the feather as the third object. Perhaps it could mean something about the hat being full of himself?

My idea now is to have the hat be an audience participant in the wand’s magic show. The wand will call him up on stage and try to use the feather in his ribbon as a part of a trick. The hat wont like this and will snap it out of the air before promptly returning to his seat where the trick finally complete. The feather turns from a dull grey one to a beautiful peacock’s feather. The wand will take a bow.


Film Love, Film Hate, Film Unknown

The Wind Rises

This may be the least fantastic of Miyazaki’s films, but it really strikes a chord in me. It’s fictionalized biographical film about the Zero fighter designer, Jiro Horikoshi. Much like Miyazaki, I love and grew up around old planes and he portrays them in his films in such a tender and romanticized way that I really click with. I love the plot revolving round Jiro’s career and dealing with his cursed passion. I love the score to bits. I watch it time and time again and am continually inspired by it.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

I was taken to see this film and am glad to say I didn’t have to pay for it. I’m a big advocate for the ninety minute film and this one was half an hour too long. I hated the characters, the gags were lame and it frankly dragged. There were too many chases that I didn’t care about, let alone characters.

The Untamed

This was a very unlikely film I ended up seeing this summer. It’s a Mexican film about a tentacled sex monster… FROM OUTER SPACE. It sounds like a whacky B-Movie but it really wasn’t. It’s a rather interesting picture about how people would deal with being able to obtain total sexual pleasure. It uses very symbolic cinematography and went about presenting the monster in a way that maintained the suspense – We barely saw a glimpse until the end of the film!