Philip Valette – Compositor

Digging around Gumball, I found this demo reel from a compositor on Gumball. It’s a brilliant showcase of the level of detail that the compositors help instil into the show. There are camera moves, focus pulls, camera shake etc.

I sent him a little message on Vimeo to see if he could shed some light on the compositing pipeline.

Hello there,

Doing a little research on compositing for modern 2D animation, I found the demo reel for your work on Gumball. I hadn’t seen the show before, but from your clip, I realised it’s quite masterfully put together. It must have been a complex job!

I know it’s been a while but is there a chance you could tell me a little about how the compositing stage worked for Gumball?

How did the mixed animation styles effect the compositing? Thinking about it, I would assume that you only received a bunch of video files so it wouldn’t make a huge difference but can you tell me otherwise?

Would you begin work on a scene as soon as the first animations came through or would you have to wait until the production stage was over?

Were you working purely in After Effects?

By the way, I was just looking at your blog, I though I’d say I really love your comic. You’ve captured the beige era of technology in a really funny way. I’ll be sure to pick up a copy when my student loan comes in!

All the best,

Finley – Animation Student

Its not all flattery, he looks like a very interesting guy, having worked on some really cool projects and his comic does look awesome!

We’ll see how far this gets us.




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