The Backdrop 1

I have been thinking about the backdrop for a while, imagining some kind of old-timey English village setting for my postman.


My initial sketch was of a park with a road and house in the background with the box in centre foreground. My idea at this point was just for a random box to be on the side of the path, potentially placed there by some kids who want to play a trick on the elderly postman.

Initial Backdrop Sketch.png

But now taking it to the computer, I have the idea of the kids having placed something in the park litter bin instead. I’ve also ditched the semi-symmetrical layout for something with a bit more depth to it, setting up the park on a street corner.  The bin being in the centre foreground remains an important part of the staging.


I have begun to draw it a little more accurately now, including a postman’s bicycle as a little not to ‘Ecole Des Facteurs’ and ‘Jour De Fete’. I feel that it all looks a little clean, vibrant and texture less. My concern is that my puppet will feel totally out of place in this. Perhaps I can try and edit in some photo-realistic textures, but perhaps that’s just a nutty idea.

Post Office Bike.png


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