Still no word from Animade, I imagine they sighed and moved on when they opened it if they ever did.

In the meantime, I thought I’d get in touch with my cousin Felix who’s currently working ‘in the industry’. His job is not specifically animation, but motion graphics and CG are a part of the deal.

He works for Kode Media in London in an as yet unnamed role, but he works primarily in After Effects and sometimes does some compositing if they need it. He landed the job because one of his old friends is a senior staffer there, so there’s why networking is so important.

He told me that the role of compositor is an interesting one because its a fairly entry level role that lets you deal with a whole range of departments as they feed you all the elements you need to work with.

He mentioned that often the role is a little bit irrelevant as in smaller, basic briefs, much of the production pipeline is in After Effects and things are made in the same project and shots are put together by animators and editors.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to swing off topic, but I got some interesting information from him. The whole idea of the compositor talking to lots of different departments is very interesting to me and is worth baring in mind when I’m looking for a job.


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