Skype Call Day


Here are my notes from today’s lecture. The interviews we had today were probably the best of the bunch in my opinion. Maybe it’s the people that don’t have the time to come out that are the most interesting and relevant?

First off, Helen Duckworth gave us an insight into the busy life of an international freelancer. She started off talking about the extent that stop motion films at Aardman rely on CG for extra details. Since they made ‘Pirates!’, they’ve been putting fake thumb prints in the CG characters to ‘retain authenticity’.

Hugo Sands had some stories to tell, having produced a huge range of interesting projects. The best story was about the ‘Compare the Meerkat’ ad campaign, that was apparently a mistake that proved so successful its been airing for nearly 10 years. Another fun fact was about the Gorilaz videos that generate virtually no income and are produced simply to keep the creatives happy.

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