The Work of Animade

‘Boords’ Promotional Video

This clip demonstrates the very minimal house style of Animade. It looks so well tied together and flat which makes you think there’s probably not too much to do for a compositor other than drop all the characters into the background, but they would have been in charge of adding the drawing on the ground and the shadows too.

Mr Porter – Christmas Ad

This video is a little more advanced because there are quite a few characters, character interactions, props as well as very busy backgrounds and transitions. Generally, there isn’t a lot of depth to the scenes and you can tell the backgrounds are just one layer. I think they would have looked a bit better if they pulled them apart and used some subtle parallax. There was a moment at the end where they did use it as the trees come into the shot as the camera pulls away from the house. Other than that, the compositor hasn’t been very adventurous. Saying that, this is probably the one animation that Animade have made where a compositor would have been very relevant.

Message App Promotional

This is a clever little video I think. I’m not certain, but I think the 3 part block has been stop motion animated or they’ve added some nice flickery shadows to a CG animation. The animations and text would have been made 3D layers in After Effects and animated to look like they were drawn on the card boxes.


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