Week 24 Summary

This week I began planning my postman’s uniform for Pete. As easy as is was to throw on the clothes that I have currently, I need to match what I have on the model sheet. The material I currently have for that isn’t quite what I want. I need a fine, navy blue shirt material. I’ve been researching patterns for the desired shapes and talking to my mum about how to go about the stitching.

I’ve also had the time to do a couple of test shoots, having Pete do Head-Shoulders-Knees-and-Toes. I’m happy with how pose-able his hands are and his pose-ability in general. I know it’s going to be a real struggle to get the full 10s performance done in 2 hours though.


Regarding research, we’ve all been digging up information around Animade. We can’t seem to find any of there work that goes beyond short form promotions, but that isn’t a problem. I have the contact details now and intend to send an email to their general enquires address.


I’ve learned a few extra tid-bits about After Effects in Robin’s workshop this week, shortcuts to cut clips and how to make a controller. I had a lot of fun using the lip sync puppet he’s created, I see a lot of potential in how to emote it during the dialogue. I look forward to editing the assets for it to create my own spin on the puppet. I plan on creating one that looks like Vincent Price.


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