Parcel Pete’s First Pass


Here’s my first go at animating my stop motion puppet. I didn’t manage to get to far into the sequence or test out all the little facial expressions I cut out but I have got to know my puppet a lot better.

First off, I realised that I’ve drilled the holes in the feet with too wide a bit (1.5mm) for one pin to secure my model on the table and that I had also drilled the heal holes a little too far in to make putting the pins in very easy for myself. To get around this, I had to spend twice the time putting two pins in each hole to make sure that my puppet wouldn’t fall over.

I’ve also realised that with baggy clothing, it’s very easy to get a boiling effect going on, especially around the cuff of the trousers where I had to pull them up to put the pins in. Thankfully, I’ve designed a puppet with a fairly trim uniform, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem in the future as I wont have these place holder clothes then.

When I painted the hands, I immediately realised they were far too pink compared to the head, but looking at them in the video, it’s not blindingly obvious that there’s a difference. Perhaps one more white coat will fix the problem?

As for the paper replacement faces, I can see that they may be a little too fiddly to use in the final take and I am still considering drawing faces on in post production.


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