Model Making: Day 5

Today saw me get ready for my test shoot tomorrow morning, so I’ve hurried to get things looking as nice as possible for then.

My first move to ensure I can at least shoot a functional model was to drill the pin holes in the feet. I got a hand drill with a 1.5mm bit, a G-Clamp and a carpenter’s friend and set up on a vice in the model making room. I drilled four holes, one in each toe and one in each heal.

Next I put together some hands. First I got some thin bits of foam and cut them roughly to size before taking a felt tip and inking up the fingers. Then I pressed the foam up against the fingers to mark out the length and spacing of them so I could cut them out in the foam. Now I had the hand shape cut out, I split the hands in half so I could take the halves and make a sandwich with them around the skeleton hand with a touch of IMPACT glue on each half to bind it together. After squeezing them together, they were nicely nicely covering the hand.


Then, I took some foam and make little blocks to bridge the gap between the parts of the foot and make it look like a complete shoe. After gluing them on, I painted the whole foot black to make it look like a boot. I intend to find some little bits of thread and make some laces to keep everything to the drawing.

In the pictures I’ve included, Pete has been wearing some funny clothes that don’t match the ones in the turnaround. These clothes are actually from an old action man of mine that just so happened to fit, so I’m going to use them in the first pass tomorrow.

Tonight, I hope to make some little paper facial expressions so I can have a working face for the shoot.





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