Model Making: Day 4

Today I powered through a whole lot of the model. I started by sculpting the head and getting it right the first time! I had no problems with the core coming out of the surface, and I worked out a way to add a neck to the head sculpt by adding it when the head was mounted and smoothing it around the wire. I got this cooked in the 3D workshop over lunch.

Next I bent the feet into shape and unwound the wire to remove two of the four strands that made it up to make the feet more flexible. Next, I rolled out some Milliput and made a heal and toe component. I added them to the wire while the puppet was standing up to make sure the feet were flat on the ground.

With the left over Milliput, I went on to make the hands. Because the wire that makes up the arms had 3 stands in it, I had to get some more wire in to be able to have five fingers. I got one length of wire and twisted it into a ribbon to make the extra two fingers. I added them to the skeleton by sandwiching it between two bits of Milliput and pressing it onto the existing fingers.




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