Week 22 Summary

This week saw me begin my journey building a stop motion puppet. Helped by Barry and Helen, I now have made the wire frame body and sculpted the torso and limbs. This happened very quickly as I haven needed to spend a huge amount of time working on the foam because I have chosen to finish my puppet with jogger’s pre-wrap which shapes and covers the foam for me. This also means I haven’t had to wait around for the glue to dry.

I also managed to get the core to the head made in the 3d workshop straight after my induction on Wednesday. This meant I could instantly start working on the super sculpey head. I attempted to complete it this week but I didn’t like what I have made so far so I’m leaving it for next week.

Starting animation to sound was a lot of fun and I’m enjoying working in after effects again. Dave’s enthusiasm around the subject of creating visuals for music was very motivating and I was very appreciative of his interest in my work. The video I created in the end I felt was pretty good and I’m certainly considering spending some time working on more videos of that nature.

Thinking about what I would like to research for the media industries project, I would like to research around the role of a compositor for 2d animation. Looking at a lot of modern 2d animation, notably in Gorilaz music videos, people are using 2.5D animation to give their work the illusion of perspective using parallax. I think this is a fairly new job role and am interested in researching it further.


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