Model Making: Day 2

Bringing in the supplies I collected from yesterday’s shopping trip, I began to build the body of my puppet. My initial question of the day was why we weren’t adding any Milliput bones to any of the puppet’s arms and legs and Barry told me that it was down to the fact that puppets of this size don’t need any bones like that, but I suspect that the department didn’t want to spend extra on more Milliput.

With this in mind, I began to carve out the torso and limbs for my puppet. I cut out the rough shapes from the larger block whilst referring to my drawing. I then cut them into neater shapes with a pair of scissors then cut slots and holes into them in order to fit onto the skeleton.

At this point, I would have used some ‘Impact’ glue to seal up the slits in the foam I made to secure it to the wire, however, I want to keep the possibility of adding Milliput bones to the skeleton at a later point, so instead I secured the foam with my jogger’s pre-wrap. I’m very pleased with the finish it has created, especially on the torso, as it has let me shape it more than I would have been able to do by just cutting at it with scissors. Barry did note however, that I should be carefull with how much I use as it could restrict movement, especially around the wrist.


Thinking ahead to making the uniform for Pete, I asked Barry what he recommended as a good material to make puppet clothes from. He suggested that I look at T-Shirt and Shirt material material because of its forgiving and lightweight nature, so at lunch time I went and bought an extra large navy blue T-Shirt from British Heart Foundation for £1.70. The blue is just right for Pete’s uniform, so all I need is some read thread for the trim and some extra frills, like buttons and a bit of white material for his shirt and collar.



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