Model Making: Day 1

Today marked the start of the process of making Parcel Pete.

After the brief, I started by making a scale drawing of Pete for reference when making the wire skeleton. The structure is made up of 3 primary pieces: The spine, the arms and the legs which I measured out and cut whilst referring to my drawing. These pieces are held together by the ‘sternum’ and the hips which are made up of Milliput.  When joining the legs and arms to the spine with the Milliput, we were advised not to let the wire touch inside to avoid friction that would lead to breakage.



After assembling them earlier today, I now have to wait for the Milliput to dry, so I’ve had a little think about how I’m going to build the rest of it.


With advice from Helen, the head will start with a dowel core glued from the neck. On top of that, I will make the final finish with super sculpey. As for the actual meat of the puppet, I think I will use foam wrapped up in support bandage. I went out and bought some bandage from Poundland and visited Thorns to get dowel but they only sell it a meter and a half at a time, so I think I’ll have to find an off cut in the 3d workshop.




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