Week 21 Summary

Starting this week with acting for animators helped me really begin to visualise my character better and see how my final sequence should look. From that session, I developed a better working-storyboard that better reflects my research on Jacques Tati. The work I did on my storyboard helped me when it came to the animatic workshop on Thursday. The poses I used in the storyboard worked well in the animatic and the character began to come to life. I’m happy with the timing of the animatic but I need to think of a more interesting ending.

Starting the new research project, I have begun to look up the role of a stop motion animator for the short presentation next Tuesday. In the introductory session we learned that 30% of all animators are freelance. Stop motion animators I think make up a large proportion of those because of the fluidity of the industry. Tine Kluth made it clear that animators are picked up and dumped from production to production and the time in between them varies a lot.


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