Drawft Stryboard

Above is my initial sketch of my reaction idea. Pete inspects the box curiously before something explodes inside it and he takes a dramatic step back before shielding himself. It’s very rough but uses a few interesting poses. However, upon using it in Sarah Perry’s workshop, I thought it was a little bit too dramatic for the particular character I’ve developed. It has strayed a little too far from it’s roots in Hulot.

This second pass draws more from the video I captured in the Acting for Animators class. Valentina understood the role far better than I could have hoped, and used all the key poses I wanted to get. This is a far subtler performance but still very characteristic.



I have decided that the narrative behind this is that Parcel Pete is out on his round and that the box is a trap set by the local kids and that they’ve planted a firecracker in the box as a cruel trick on the innocent postman.


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