Character Posing

When in doubt…


I looked into character posing in this old thing. Towards the back, Richard talks about the importance of body language to convey the story. He suggests looking at silent movies for tips on how to do that. I guess mime counts! (Thanks Jacques)


This is the only thing Richard seems to want to tell us about the situation. Give it some perspective, offset the pose, do anything to avoid it.

Looking at Hulot:

What strikes me about Monsieur Hulot’s posing is how off balance it seems to be. I’m probably going to get marked down for a lot of my drawing as it looks like all my poses are keeling over too far, but it’s only what I’m seeing in my reference.

It’s a very interesting device Tati uses. The whole point is Hulot is unconventional. He challenges the order of every situation he’s in. He personifies disorder, especially in ‘Playtime’, a critique of the highly streamlined modern world.

Off Balance.png

The whole off balance thing draws attention to him in a crowd. His head always seems to lead ahead of his feet.






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