CG: Cheesy Wink

In today’s session we looked at character expressions. My idea was a cheesy wink. To warm thing up we made a clip of someone waking up and learned that achieving a good performance was quite a lot about timing and offsetting different actions. Once I had a basic movement, I layered on all the movements in the face and added the little nuances, letting things follow through a little bit.


The best part about my wake up clip is the hands relaxing after the big scare and the blink. I think they’re a nice touch. However to add to this, I think he should spend some time looking around after the initial shock.


I fairly pleased with the wink. The facial expressions are well timed and convey a sense of being cheeky. The swivelling torso was supposed to compliment the nod and turn of the head as well as make him show off a bit, but John seems to think it makes him look like he’s on a swivel chair. I toned it down in the lesson however and I think it achieves what I was going for now.


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