Chomet and Tati: Men of controversy

Image result for chomet and tati

I have an article here from ‘Electric Sheep’ where an interviewer grills Chomet on the origin of ‘The Illusionist’ script. There are people in the comments section going absolutely rabid about Chomet’s ‘Arrogance’ and accusing him of having stolen and misinterpreted the script to be about the wrong daughter and this and that and the other.

In relation to that, there’s a whole other world of controversy where Chomet apparently plagiarised the work of his long time collaborator Nicolas De Crecy in Belleville. There was a major falling out and they both seem to take it as a total betrayal.

Tati was apparently very sensitive about working with people. He took it very personally when people he worked with could no longer stand his intense directing style.

I personally don’t care where ‘The Illusionist‘ script came from because Chomet has made a very moving film about someone he clearly admired and captured the death of mainstream performance art.


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