Grebe w/ Water

I reviewed the clip I had a couple of days ago and realised it lacked anything that really made it stand out. I knew I was going to add some water and a splash but I thought that might not be enough to make it feel complete.

With this in mind, I realised that the plumage on the head of the bird looked terrible throughout the head turns so I began to re-draw the back of the head. Whilst doing this I noticed that it looked a little rigid for something that sticks out so far so I experimented with a little follow-through.


My first attempt was shocking. I had the correct drawing, its just the timing was wrong and I was missing an extra drawing of it flicking slightly back the opposite direction before reaching the resting position.


Once I’d corrected this, I decided to add a water horizon before I moved onto the splash. I did this because I needed to know what angle to draw the ripples that come after the splash.


Eventually I’ll get to the splash, but here’s the version with the rough ghost splash.


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