Animated Sketchbook – Grebe


Here’s an updated version of my Grebe animation without new water effects but I’ve now added a bit more of a performance at the beginning of the clip with a couple of head truns.

Obviously, the line-work is refined and some lines smoothed out, but there are still problems. The plumage on the head doesn’t quite make sense on a couple of the head turns and the body of the bird has some inconsistencies throughout the clip.

In  this version, I’ve removed the line that implied the chin/jaw of the bird that you can see in the ghost of the previous version. This line confused people and I was told it looked like a smile so that’s gone now.

However, I’m more than pleased with the diving section. I’ve added a single anticipating frame where the Grebe tips his head backwards before the dive to achieve a flicking effect. To make the dive more rapid, I’ve animated the bulk of the clip in doubles but only the flick in singles.


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