Stop Motion: Walk & Reaction


Storyboard for this weeks exercise.

This week’s exercise was to make a short walk and a change of expression. My interpretation was a little different, but I think it fits; It involves a total change of posture and conveys a lot of characterisation.

I’m pleased with my final clip baring in mind the time constraints. I kept in mind the line of action and made sure all my poses were realistic as I went along. I feel like the timing and overall speed of clip is perfect for what I was going for. However I feel I could have spend a bit more time on the panting. They should have been deeper breaths rather than a few short breaths. The movement in the armature was a tad on the jerky side which disrupted a few of the arcs of movement, mostly in the back and knees.

Should I do it again, I’d probably have a little more walking and add those longer breaths I mentioned as well as loosen the knees and back joints.



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