CG Workshop: Character Rig Walk Cycle


This session started very simply with a cylinder character with stick legs. This got us used to animating more than just a translation vector. We applied a basic walk to him with a little bit of a sway side to side as he strides. There’s a little secondary action as his glasses bounce as he walks.


This is fine as a warm up, but you can see that his leg snaps into a dead straight striding position that looks a tad on the odd side. To avoid this, Jon told me to always keep a little bit of bend in the legs as he walks. He mentioned that this was a common thing to see in CG animation.


Before I moved on, I added a hat, a nose and little bit of a nodding action. None of the previous problems are fixed but the nose certainly draws away from them. To add these features, I learned to parent new shapes to an object.

Next up, I had to animate Jen. She’s a far more advanced rig (she has all the joints in her fingers) with quite a lot of little problems with her (her hands are parented to her hips). I had a little trouble with this, so it definitely needs revisiting.


I did as best I could with this, but I try as hard as I can to avoid the joints snapping and they still do it. The hardest part was the arms and the hands as even though I’ve keyframed every part of their movement they still look like they’re snapping into position.


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