Les Vacances de M.Hulot

Image result for les vacances de monsieur hulot

I took out Jacques Tati’s film ‘Les Vacances de M.Hulot’ from the library to see for myself what Sylvain Chomet was so inspired by. The film is comic take on France’s ‘leisure culture’ and follows the antics of Tati’s onscreen persona Monsuier Hulot as he attempts to have a holiday on the beach.

It is evident that Chomet has learned a lot about situational comedy from from the work of Tati and shares the same kind of humour. Most of the jokes are based on misunderstanding and are made without any dialogue, just through Tati’s performance. He made himself known in the ‘music hall acts’ scene as a mime and his control of his body in the film shows why he was such a success.



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