Stop-Motion Exercise 2: Box Lift

Box Lift Storyboard.jpgToday’s exercise was to use some basic armatures to perform a box lift. I found it difficult to work with these particular puppets because they were so flimsy, but that might just be me trying to find excuses. The thing I found most difficult was the bending over. It seemed like his shins were touching his toes before he’d even managed to reach the box. It may have been because I stood the puppet too far from the box in the first place.

This is my first attempt. I probably put too much time into the performance at the beginning that initiated a slow work flow though out the rest of the session. I simply didn’t have enough time to execute the actual lift. What I did get though, I’m quite pleased with. However I think I may have got the posture of the back wrong as he was trying to lift it as it should have been bent forward as he raised the box. But as he drops it, I like the follow through with the head.



This ones performance is a lot shorter which is good. What’s a shame is I chose the wrong angle to shoot it from as you can’t see the puppet’s spine, but it does frame the initial performance quite well. I spent as lot of time on the swing of the arms at the beginning. However the final lift feels quite empty after all the anticipation. I should definitely have extended the duration of the lift and added a bit of time at the end to see the final position.


This one we just had fun with.



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