Week 4 Summary

This week saw me finishing one of my animated sketchbook ideas and leaving the other two in need of a little more development. The car driving over the bump is now complete and I’m going to leave it as is despite a small flaw at the end making the loop look odd. Robert praised me for recognising the problem but though it was best I leave it and continue working on my other animations. My self portrait is good but not progressing. I’ve inbetweened the first half of it but the laughing half is tricky to work with. I find that when I put in the inbetweens it breaks the timing and ruins the movement so I’m contemplating leaving that one as is also. The bird diving however is great and just needs to have the tie down layer drawn over.

Our session with Tine Kluth was interesting. She had a lot to say about her career and shared a few lessons in landing jobs; Number one piece of advice was to ask the crew what they’re getting paid before you sign a contract. She talked a lot about how stop motion work had been booming the last few years but she expected to see a lot of her colleagues out of work very soon. One thing I was surprised to hear was that  stop motion animators are paid far less than any CG animators. In my mind, Stop Motion was more of a specialist skill compared to people working on software but what do I know? She said any job working with your hands means less money – even if it’s working for Aardman.


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