Animated Sketchbook: Roughs

Car Bounce

This one took a long time for me to properly draw. The basic shapes were hard to put together but it seems to work now. The rebound doesn’t work as I imagined; before I thought it would only bounce on its front wheels but that didn’t quite look right so now I have a double bounce. I will need to add the bump coming towards the car and under it before I move forward with this.


Hysterical Laugh

This one looks fantastic and I’m very pleased with it. On reflection, I can see I need to add a moment of heightened attention before he screws his face up to add anticipation to the punch line, but otherwise I will progress with this one as is.


Diving Grebe

I’ve clearly struggled with this one. I hadn’t attempted to animate this one at all before this so I think I need to spend a bit more time in the lab perfecting the motion for this one.



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