Week 3 Summary

This week got us back into the swing of things after the Christmas break.

It started off with another look over our animated sketchbook plans before getting on with doing a rough animation of each of them. I’ve started my idea of a car driving over a bump. Robert spoke to me and reminded me that I should only rough out the extremes of the movement before spending a lot of time drawing any inbetweens that don’t fit. I will remember to do this with the other two also.

We also started looking at storyboarding. Helen talked about the importance of storyboarding, particularly in animation. I particularly enjoyed this session and drawing the example Iron Giant script and look forward to tidying and improving that over the weekend.

The trip to the Whitechappel Gallery to see the William Kentridge exhibition was a fantastic experience. Despite it’s great complexity, I particularly enjoyed some of the simpler installations. One installation which particularly caught my eye was a portrait projection of Kentridge putting up and fixing a picture of himself on the wall. Then after a while the picture turns around to see if he’s gone and walks off. Although very rough around the edges and very simply executed, it really worked well and made me chuckle. It was one of a few of himself that played backwards. The other installation I really enjoyed was one of his contraptions; It was a sewing machine with a horn stuck to the top of it that appeared to be a static sculpture but started violently and loudly working at random. It terrified quite a lot of people walking around and I found it very funny.


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