Animation Resources

Grebe Diving


I saw one of these at my local bird reserve and was interested by the way it dives underwater; It’s quite a unique and unusual movement as it more or less flicks its neck into the water before raising its tail out.

I thought this would be quite satisfying to capture this especially if I can make it loop round out of the water again. There’s a moment of anticipation before the bird dives in its stillness in contrast with the speed of the dive. It’s a very fluid movement as it curls its self under seemingly effortlessly.  I wonder how and if I will animate the water and the ripples around the bird; that may be tricky.

Car Driving Over Bump


An old car drove past my workplace and bumped over a speed hump in such a funny way that reminded me of Baby Face Nelson tearing down the road. Every time I see this I laugh at the way the car comes over the bump so suddenly, I decided this would be a fantastic little animation.

The hardest part of this will be the timing. I can see how the car might hit the bump and stay in the air just a little bit too long before bouncing rapidly on the come down, but finding the right timing will be an issue.

Even in this live action clip, you get a sense that the car isn’t very rigid and looks like its bending as it comes over the bump with different parts of the car falling about. I want to use overlapping action to exaggerate the idea it’s quite loosely put together.

Hysterical Laugh


My idea for the self portrait animation is the progression of a slow to start hysterical laugh. This particular character came to mind when thinking about this, some thing about the enormous, gaping mouth and the elasticity of his face helped it stick in my mind.

I like the anticipation of the head bowing down and the face scrunching up before releasing and kicking back into the laugh.


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