Character Walk Cycle Tests

Here’s a couple of testers for my character walk. I have a vision for this but I’m having a little trouble translating this to something consistent and flowing. As you can see, these exports only have the first 5 key frames of the complete cycle but I’ve stopped at this stage each time beacuase I’ve noticed something with each of them before taking them any further.

The first is more detailed and took a bit more time to get out of me. I’m pleased with the overall look of the character, as I had my doubts about the appearance of my character from this angle initially but I’ve made it work. However, I felt there wasn’t enough motion with the head going on and the knees seem to be 2 thrirds of the way down his legs so I thought I’ve take a more basic approach to drawing the character.

The second I did very quickly to see if I could get a better motion with the head and legs but it hasn’t worked any better, the motion is too irratic – Perhaps the exargeration is too much?

I’m warming to the first test more now despite it’s being so rigid, but perhaps that’s how a man of his age moves? He must keep his head high to maintain his pride but there’s no escaping that limp he’s got.

I’ve got to get the upper body moving without exagerating the dipping of the head.


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