Dynamic Exercise Draft 2

Dynamic Exercise Test 2.gif

Taking on Robin’s advice from the catchup session on Thursday, I’ve changed some elements of my dynamic exercise to make a smoother and more believable animation. Two things Robin noted were that the starting position was perhaps too extreme and that the foot came up a little too early at the end.

The humanoid now starts in a more neutral pose while still giving the viewer some idea of how he’s is going to handle the task. The foot has also been delayed another couple of frames as not to look like him raising his foot is the cause of the fall but to make it seem like he’s lost control. I also added a slight pause to his leg in the air for comic effect.

Whilst getting on with that I also took the time to add in the inbetweens that were sorely missed from the last export and that’s making it run a lot smoother. I’m particularly pleased with the spacing at the end that leads up to him hitting the floor. falling-into-the-abys


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