Week 6 Summary

This week kicked off thinking about the dynamic animation project. For my dynamic exercise, I explored a few options but have decided animating a strong-man strenuously picking up a large rock after having a chat with Robin about it. We concuded that compared to my other ideas, it demonstrated more animation fundementals better than any of my other ideas would have.

I’ve tidyed my character Lord Claude up a bit this week after making a fairly poor first attempt at drawing on the tablets. A friend offered to re-draw my character in their style to help me visualise them with a bolder, less sketchy outline, which helped no end and I’ve now got a clean cut character turnaround. I also thought about his character more and he’s certainly more of a fool of a character than I first thought. He may be old and stumbling but he can still pull a few overly dramatic poses which I think can be a funny juxtaposition type gag.

I had a chat with Lynsey about my character essay about Lady Eboshi and dispite not knowing the character she had some helpful things to say. One thing was that I should make a conection between the realism of the animation style and the complexity of the character. Otherwise, begining to write the essay hasn’t been very fruitful. I’ve found myself struggling to write the first introductory paragraph I think mainly because I’m not entirely sure where I want the essay to conmclude. Perhaps my essay question doesn’t work as well as Lynsey thought it would?


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