Workshop: Photoshop Intro

Being familiar with photoshop, I found the begining of this workshop very simple. However, I’ve found myself struggling a lot more than I thought I would working on a tablet. The first time I drew my character on the tablet, it came out very scratchy as I found it very difficult to find my lines and get my shapes right.

In this session I tried to get over that by roughing out my character’s basic shape in blobs and then getting round to making the outline afterwards. It helped somewhat, but even then my lines were off the mark.

I’m going to keep going at it, as I know I’ll only get there through good practice, and I need to get myself used to drawing him proportionately without his arms growing by a few inches each time.

Robin mentioned to me that I really need to work to the model sheet one I’ve nailed it down, so in the next couple of days I will play around some more before finding that final perfect shape based on the way he can move.


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