Lord Claude Colour Analysis


Here are a few colour schemes I came up with for my character based on colour theory and references.


This is the character colour scheme I’ve been working up since I first added colours to him. I think of Claude as a character that needs bold decoration to hide the fact he’s a fragile little man and to give him an inflated sense of status; We can’t have God’s chosen big wig be just a frail, old bloke under a linen table cloth. He reflects the frivolity of the Catholic church. Gold had to be a part of the outfit to reflect this, and not just on the decoration of the staff, I wanted it to be a part of the character too.

This character is a villain, a warmonger (set in the era of the crusades, I’m not saying anything about Francis) so Red was an obvious choice to conotate blood and danger, something instinctively recognised by humans.

But we can’t forget the fact he’s a spiritual leader, and I think a pope without white isn’t a pope at all. White is in the mix to reflect the pure and holy side of the character.

However, something I’ve recognised about my character after spending so much time on him, he’s a fool. Now when I see the colours and the outfit, he’s a clown. And these bright red, yellow and white colours reflect that nicely.

Navy & White – The Calming Pope

Again, white is featured in this version to reflect his spirituality, but this time, it’s more prominent. The character feels a lot more humble and neutral. This is also conveyed by the blue that I’ve used here as well. Blue conveys depth, purity and wisdom, which is certainly the kind of qualities you want to see in a spiritual leader. Being so instinctively associated with the sea and the sky, it can give vibes of tranquility and calmness.

Purple & Black – The Tyrant King Pope

This version was supposed to convey his royalty and his villainous side. With purple conveying extravagance and wealth and black reeking of death and evil, what other colours could I have chosen?

Gold & White – The Greedy Pope

This pope is supposed to be greedy and nasty. The gold is supposed to tie into the idea of wealth and greed. White I also feel can tie into the idea of superiority to convey his inflated ego.

Orange & Red – The Eastern Pope

This one I thought I would change up a little – We’ve taken on the colour scheme of eastern spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. I really like how the orange and red work together.





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