Week 5 Summary

This week started with us moddeling our characters in Plastercine to get to know them in 3 dimensions and really get to know their shape. This was a valuable exercise that prepared me for making an initial character turnaround sheet, something that I’ve never been good at at the past, so it was good to have a physical reference.

Linsey’s lecture on character bodylanguage came in very handy for me as it was the most relivant thing we’ve explored regarding my chosen character, Lady Eboshi. Her character is very subtle and she doens’t do a whole lot of moving but a lot is conveyed through her body language and expression. I still haven’t begun a draft essay, but I plan to have a start by next Tuesday. I need to catch up on the research side of things.

Being introduced to TV Paint has introduced me to a whole other technique of computer animation. Begining to learn the software has given me a lot of inspiration for the posibilities of what I can produce. I look forward to using it more in the future.

Sarahs talk on ‘acting for animators’ was another great session that’s reminded me of all the basics of GCSE drama with Stanislavski and Laban. I can see how thinking about the wants, needs and goals of my character can help me develop my animations by giving them context and giving the character purpose.


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