Character Design: Lord Claude in AE


With my spare time at the weekend, I decided to have a go at making Claude on the computer, that way I could look at colour with more options than just a set of 10 pencils. In starting to look at him on the computer, I put together this rough test in After Effects to look at how he moves.

He’s slow, rigid and rather heavy on his stick as his age is getting to him now. He wears the clothing to compensate for his fragility and frailness. However, he holds his head high to keep his status but is slightly too weak to hold it up when he goes down on his gammy leg.

The basic movement is there and okay along with some secondary movement with the hat and stick. Obviously it’s a little rusty as I’m not quite sure about where the floor is and his feet don’t bend. The stick stays forward because with my layers and pre-comps, I couldn’t find a way for the stick to be under the fingers and behind the legs. But we can get over these things. Lord Claude V2 on the way.




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