Character Design: Three Walks of Life

I’ve solidified the idea of the jaded old Lord Claude, but what’s his story? Where did he come from? What kind of man becomes such a powerful leader?

He had humble beginings. Growing up in a peasant family, he knew the horrors of life. He also saw the beauty of it, in his small village near the alps; What a wonderful world his lord had blessed him with.

In his middle age, he gave up the fields to become a man of the cloth, renouncing all wicked things to devote himself to the lord.

Teaching of the wonder of the lord was what he steped up to do, however the role also let him get to know the true wealth of the church in all its splendour. He got a taste of the high life and wanted more. He saw himself rise through the ranks of the wealthiest organisation on all the earth until he reached the top.

The young Claude wears drab, scruffy clothing showing his peasant status. It’s modest and loose and makes his shape much more rounded than my final character. He weilds a pitchfork to show his proffesion and forshadows his holy staff. His face is much friendlier and youthful, with his big rounded eyes and un-wrinkled complexion. His head is a lot less longer and so is his nose. His sybol pendant is worn over his heart by a string.

Middle aged Claude has taken on the robes of a pastor and lost his curly locks. His face shows his age with his swolen chin and extended nose. His robes are sharp but still modest. The black outfit represents the fear of the lord and the new darkness he’s found in being a part of this great institution. The red book stands out against the rest of his attire and represents the importance of the word of the lord to him, esspecially in the way he holds it close to him in his pose. He weilds a staff of wood and iron to represent his lowly role in the church at this point. He still wears his pendant over his heart.

Finaly we have his holiness, Lord Claude, bluring the lines between man and god. He wears the finest decorative robes and sits apon a gold throne. The outfit is made up of points and triangles. The red in his outfit represents the rank and the danger of him. The white represents the wealth. His staff, jewlery and the throne represent that every shred of humility in him has vanished. His holy book has fallen of the arm of the chair, faced down to show how important his faith is to him now. He no longer wears his pendant over his heart but now wears one on his head.



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