Week 4 Summary

This week focused primarily on character design. In our workshops, we looked at the characters we had developed the week previously and looked at their shape in silhouette to see how recognisable and defined they were. A good character should be recognisable by solely it’s silhouette. I didn’t change my character that day because the pointy hat, ridiculous, long hooked nose and crucifix staff all worked together to create a very identifiable character. However, it did lead to me thinking about the catholic iconography on my character and have considered changing it out for something fictional.

Our lecture this week introduced us to semiotics and the importance of shape, colour, context and style when identifying and creating a character. We had touched on semiotics in previous character design workshops and had built my character around triangles with the intention of making a villain, however I feel I may need to explore the more comical side of his design because he’s clearly not a serious character the way he’s come out.

The lecture proved useful for my analysis of my chosen research character, Lady Eboshi. Her sharp, black and red robes, pointed hat and pepetually narrowed eyes reinforce the idea that Miyazaki has painted her as an antagonist, despite the convincing argument against the idea. I know I’ve only scratched the surface here so I will continue to look into this case.



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